Healthy Weight Loss In The New Year

January 14, 2010

Over Informed

Seems January is the time when all the health experts and diet gurus bombard us with information about what we should or shouldn’t be doing in order to get healthier or lose weight. The number of new products to try, diets to pursue and supplements we should take is mind-boggling. Each one proclaiming to be the right one for us.

With so much information being tossed at us, it’s hard to decide what we should be doing. I often feel over saturated with diet and health information, which sometimes leads to confusion or indecision, resulting in stagnation. ACK!

The media can be wrong sometimes. Experts on the next best supplement or regimen on the market are all too often more out to make a buck then they actually are to help us get healthy.

I think that common sense combined with our individual needs is what we need to pay attention to. Try a new product or new diet if you must but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work for you. Only you can tailor the best regimen for yourself.

There was a time when calorie reduction and exercise was all it took to help us lose weight and be healthier……….No special pills, no fancy exercise equipment, no expensive memberships at a work out center, no “diet” foods; just simple exercise and eating in moderation.

Many of us often fall for a pill to help fix our weight issues. We fill our freezers with frozen diet meals so we don’t have to fix our own healthier version of what comes in that little box. Often we end up feeling let down by the results. Or worse yet, blame ourselves when we can’t achieve what we feel we should have been able to. Never mind that the proclamations for a product are really made solely to make a buck. We tend to forget that.

Busier lifestyles and processed foods leave us feeling depleted. All we really need to do is learn to get more natural forms of exercise, cook healthy meals and eat in moderation. What do you suppose we all did before the 24-hour gym came along? We got outside, played games with our kids, and shared a family outing that included hiking or swimming, even walked with our best friends around the mall or the neighborhood.

I think commercialism has made living a healthier life more complicated than it needs to be. We need to take a few moments to look inside ourselves for the answers to living a healthier life and stop paying so much attention to which new pill, or supplement we can put in our mouth so that we don’t have to put forth any real effort to getting healthier.

Good luck on your own personal journey.


~ by msbee1 on January 14, 2010.

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