Healthy Weight Loss In The New Year

January 11, 2010

Evaluating My Needs

Today is the beginning of my second week on my new weight loss and healthier living plan. So far so good, but only one week has gone by. The first week of a new change always seems the most difficult to me. The road ahead seems long.

I traded in my treadmill for a stationary bike last week because I have a bad knee. I need to do some kind of cardio that has low impact on my joints. The bike was recommended. I probably wouldn’t have joint problems if I hadn’t let myself go for so long. Well no sense in looking back when I need to be taking all my steps forward. No need to beat myself up for unwise choices I made in the past. I must stay focused on the day’s head.

Being a thrifty kind of woman, I decided to sell my treadmill on Craigslist and then take the money and buy a stationary bike at the ARC. My plan worked smoothly and before you know it I was seated on that bike for the very first time. Umph….umph…umph…. Holy cow, peddling that thing would be a heck of a lot easier if it weren’t for this big belly in my lap. Yes indeed this is going to be a journey of a lifetime, one day at a time.

I think that adopting a “one day at a time” attitude is healthy. Sure I have a goal in mind and a plan to reach it, but if I don’t adopt a new healthier lifestyle one day at a time, I may get too far ahead of myself and lose tract of where I am in the moment.

Being one who tends on the non-diabetic, hypoglycemic side, I need to keep my blood sugar regulated so I don’t experience a crash. It has taken some trials and errors to for me to understand exactly what I need to do to keep on an even keel, but I think I’ve figured out what works best for me. A simple balancing of fiber, carbs and proteins throughout the day and I can be completely hunger free all day long.

Hunger is one of the things I need to keep under control in order to succeed in weight loss. Dealing honestly with emotions is another thing I need to be mindful of. My successful weight loss depends on both.

I’ve learned that I must eat on a schedule in order to keep my blood sugar level. So part of my strategy has been to carry some high protein bars in my purse in case I’m away from home when I feel the first signs of hunger. I can’t always be at home near healthier food when mealtime rolls around and I don’t want my hunger to sway my resolve in making better choices by causing me to swing into a McDonald’s or a Taco Bell drive thru. I want to have healthier choices. A 200-calorie protein bar will get me through a tough moment.

I’ve also learned that protein is what keeps my hunger suppressed longest. I make it a point to get a lean protein source with each meal. As a matter of fact, I’m going to be writing a low calorie cookbook this year as I make this journey. I’ll be taking all my own food photos too. I think there will be some surprises inside for everyone.

Stay tuned for the journey as it unfolds moment by moment.


~ by msbee1 on January 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Healthy Weight Loss In The New Year”

  1. Just stopped in to say hello! I like your blog. keep up the good work, we’re all here to help…Mighty Proud

  2. Hi John! Thanks for stopping by. I don’t get much traffic here so it’s nice to see some today! Hope you have a great day!

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