Things To Remember During The Holiday Season



The following is a list that I compiled myself. It is completely universal and can be followed and enjoyed by anyone of any faith or any belief, anywhere, at anytime. I hope you enjoy it.


1.- This time of year only rolls around once. Family and friends come from afar so be sure to spread cheer, love and warmth to all that are important in your life.


2.- Find a way to extend the spirit of “the holiday season” throughout the rest of the year. For example, donate to your local food bank regularly or volunteer your time at the shelter. Hunger and homelessness extend beyond “the holiday season” for those that suffer.


3.- Take time to pray and meditate. This time of year can be very stressful for many.


4.- Welcome loved ones with open arms, love in your heart, and a big mug of hot chocolate to warm the soul and take away the winter chill.


5.- Share joyful stories of days gone by. Look for the good in the past and try to overlook any painful memories.


6.- Open the photo albums and laugh and cry at the silly things and the sentimental things of the past.


7.- Open your arms and hug everyone. Hug until you ache. You never know when your hugging will help to ease the ache in someone else’s heart.


8.- Find one special thing about everyone in your life and quietly take them aside and tell them how special they make you feel, or how important they are in your life, or how much you appreciate them. It could be the most cherished gift they receive.


9.- Above all, remember to give thanks. The energy of being thankful is as important as the breath we take. When thanks are given, more positive energy is returned.


Blessings To Everyone!


~ by msbee1 on November 30, 2009.

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