Halloween At The Citadel Mall

Creepy Dude

On All Hallows Eve I went to the Citadel mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado to get some photos of the many people who gathered there for a community Halloween event. Since I don’t have young children, I haven’t been to one of these before and didn’t know exactly what to expect. As it turned out, it was a fabulous event!  The mall was packed with laughing children and costumes of every sort.

Moms and dads pushed strollers with babies who were wearing costumes smaller than I’d ever seen before.  Most of the parents donned costumes more extravagant than what their kids were wearing.  Toddlers wobbled along in costumes too bulky for their tiny frames.  I think most of those little ones didn’t really understand what all the ruckus was about as they made their way from one store to another reaping the sweet rewards of holiday candy. 

There were people of all ages.  Some were dressed to scare and some were dressed to delight the fanciful senses.  Teenagers had wonderful ideas for costumes and many were homemade just like when I was a kid.  From frightful masks and makeup to the delicate wings of fairies, everyone put a lot of effort and imagination into their costumes.

As I walked along taking photos, I couldn’t help but notice how many adults attended this event solo.  Clad in superhero costumes, clown outfits, and mad scientist attire, they were the true entertainers of the evening.  They stood in the hallways playing out their fantasies, much to the delight of everyone passing by.

The one costume that stood out the most was a homemade Transformer costume.  A young boy and his father had obviously combined efforts to turn an ordinary cardboard box into a knockout costume.  They teamed up to entertain the crowd as they walked around the mall together. 

The boy would take cover on the floor, under his craftily designed costume, at a central spot in the corridor that his father had chosen.  When no one was suspecting, dad cued his son to stand up and “transform” from an army tank to a Transformer character.  It was obvious that they had put a lot of effort into this.  Not only was the crowd enjoying it, but also it was plain to see that this was a bonding experience between father and son.

In a world where we are frequently too busy to spend time with our families because our schedules are so full, this festive event brought families together in a fun way, which was a joy to all who attended.   

The festival of All Hallows Eve was truly a sight to behold and a memory I will not soon forget.




~ by msbee1 on November 2, 2009.

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