Who Do I Pray To Anyhow?


Who Do I Pray To Anyhow

Who Do I Pray To Anyhow?

 I don’t know who to pray to. 

I don’t know whom to ask. 

Do I ask the Angels? 

Do I invoke the Spirits? 

Shall I pray to God for this task?


I raise my eyes to the heavens

And ask my God for an answer,

Where’s the healing and the love,

The protection from this soul cancer?


Will a cleansing herb,

Either ingested or bathed in,

Help to cleanse me of this anomaly?  

Should I burn candles and chant or

Carry magic stones or 

Maybe listen to a homily? 


What’s a guardian angel for anyhow

If you can’t call on one for protection?

To help me here, to comfort me there,

To provide me with direction.


The Spirit of Light?

The Spirit of Love?

The Spirit of Divine Intervention?!

Are any of them really listening at all?

Hey!  I could use some circumvention!




~ by msbee1 on October 12, 2009.

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