On Turning Fifty


On Turning Fifty

It is said that middle age begins at fifty.

It is also said that the best years of your life

happen BEFORE the age of fifty.

Some even believe that everything

goes downhill after fifty.

Well I’m here to let you know that none of that is true. 

I’m here to tell you that life BEGINS at fifty.


With all you’ve learned on this earthly journey

prior to this milestone birthday,

you can go forth into the world

with superior knowledge,

and strength of heart and mind. 

As you reach this important time in your life,

you bring with you the wisdom of the past

so that all that lies before you now

can be undertaken with greater ease

and determination than ever before.


As the second half of your life lies before you,

I can see that you are looking more

beautiful and radiant than you ever have before.   

Go forth into the arms of this wondrous journey

and live life with the enthusiasm of your youth. 

With your face turned towards the sun,

put one foot in front of the other

and dance the dance of life,

like you’ve never danced it before.


~ by msbee1 on October 12, 2009.

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