The Embellished Jewel Of Deceit


The embellished jewel of deceit

Like a dazzling dime store ring, an embellished lie can appear flawless at first glance.  When you open your hand and accept this little gem, you are completely unaware of what you are receiving.  Whether a stranger or someone you know makes the offer of this special gift, you fall victim to a fabrication without even realizing it.

You take the jewel and hold it to the light as it dazzles with brilliance.  Your excitement grows at the prospect of its purity.  Your eyes grow wide and your heart beats with excitement as you turn it this way and that, pretending to be educated in its sparkle.

You put the jewel on and wear it proudly, showing it to all your friends.  “Where did you get it?  How much did it cost?” are some of the questions others will ask about it.  You will tell your friends of the grand beginning of this little piece, how it came from such an upscale place.  You’ll discuss the value of it and tell everyone how important it is to have received it.

One day after you’ve been proudly wearing it for a while and after you have showered your thanks and affection on the giver of this little treasure, you will notice that the one that gave it to you is not holding to all the promises that came with it when it was given.  Aaaah yes, promises came with this one, and it was not given without conditions. 

After you’ve possessed this gem for a while, you will begin to notice that within the cut stone, there is a flaw.  You hold it to the light to re-exam it, you put it under a microscope.  Sure enough, there is a flaw.  You wonder why you hadn’t noticed it before and you begin to question the authenticity of its giver.  You think that surely you were not given a fake jewel.  Surely this is real.  You held it to the light and examined it when it was new; it appeared to be the real deal.

Aaaah, but in your excitement to receive this gift, you failed to notice that the one offering it was indeed a stranger to you after all.  You were so excited to have gotten this gift, and so sure it was real because the one who gave it deceived you into believing it.  Now you sit there hanging your head in shame and feeling foolish for being so naive.  The word “gullible” runs through your mind when you think of how you were taken in so easily.

How much did it cost?  That question will repeat itself over and over in your mind.  The cost seems so huge now that you know the truth.  Oh the price we pay to learn.



~ by msbee1 on October 8, 2009.

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