On Happiness and Gratefulness


On Happiness And Gratefulness

Happiness is one of those things that we created within our self.  It is never one of the things we obtain outside of our self.  It goes hand in hand with gratefulness.  We cannot have one without the other. 

As I journey thru life, I think of all the people who I’ve met along the way and I am grateful for each lesson and gift that each brings. 

Everyone I have known in the past, those I know in the present, and those I will meet in my future, are all divinely led to me for one great purpose and that is to teach me the things that I need to know in order to fulfill the journey I am on.  I cannot even begin to thank you all enough for what you have brought to my life.

 The bumps in the road, the loving comfort of a stranger, are all there to guide me in my spiritual direction.  How fortunate I am to have all of you, for every one of you in your own right has brought a priceless gift to my life.  All offer me insight into the direction I am moving in and all are grand teachers in some way of the beautiful self I am becoming.

Without even a single one of you I could not achieve the inner self I am becoming because without even one I cannot complete my journey. 

Today I say to everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you all bring to my life.  Thank you for the lessons you have taught me.   When I take the lid off of my life’s lessons basket each day and peer inside, I am grateful for all that is in it.   I hope that one day everyone can know the beautiful gifts they have given me.

Today my happiness is endless.  I owe it all to those whose paths have crossed mine in this wondrous journey of life.  You all are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow and I am more thankful than I can express.



~ by msbee1 on September 24, 2009.

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