Meditation For Releasing Empathic Overwhelm



 As Empaths, people are naturally attracted to us without even realizing why.  We are often bombarded with other people’s stories of woe and since we are empaths we absorb all of their unwanted energy. 

As difficult as it is to do, we must do what is necessary to avoid this from continually happening.  Sometimes we have to break toxic friendships; sometimes we have to walk away from people as gently as we can as a means of self-preservation.  Our priority is to ourselves first.  We must take care of us and make sure we are strong, before we can move back in to helping others. 

I feel it’s important to be able to recognize the energy vampires in our life and detach from them so that they will stop draining us of our precious energy.  We cannot heal the people in our lives by being a constant shoulder to lean on.  They must make constructive choices to help themselves and it is perfectly all right to tell them that in as kind a way as possible.

Empathic overwhelm can be discharged quite simply. Below you will find a method that I have found to be effective. 

 Find a place where you can be alone outside near a tree.  This can be in your back yard if you can have some privacy there.  A park will do nicely as well.  Sit close enough to the tree so that you can reach out and touch it easily.  First, sit in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground, or sit directly on the ground.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax.  Feel the air and sun caressing you completely.  As you sit there imagine that your legs, (if you’re sitting in a chair) or your spine (if you’re sitting on the ground) are slowing growing long and strong roots that reach down firmly into the ground allowing you to become one with the earth.  When you feel securely “rooted” imagine that all of the energy that you have absorbed from everyone else is slowly draining out of your body and into the ground.  Do this for as long as you feel is necessary to dispel all of the energy that is not yours.  Feel yourself and your spirit growing lighter and your mind clearer as everyone else’s energy drains from you. 

When you have done the above exercise and feel comfortable and confident that you have expelled all this energy, then reach out and place your hand firmly on the tree you are sitting next to.  Feel the energy of this tree.  This is healing energy.  In your mind, ask the tree to please replenish you with fresh new revitalizing energy.  Feel the energy from the tree as it moves from your fingers and slowly moves up your arm and then completely fills your whole being with beautiful light energy.  Imagine this energy in any way that is comfortable for you.  When I see my tree energy, it’s a white light that has little sparkles all thru it and it revitalized my whole being as it moves thru me.  Stay here like this until you feel you have been revitalized.  There is no time limit. 

When you are finished, thank the tree and mother earth for helping to heal you.  Sit in silence a little while and then slowly counting from ten to one, bring yourself back to the moment and open your eyes.

This meditation exercise can take as long as you feel it is necessary to dispel the energy and then to be revitalized.  There is no specific time frame in which to do this.  It should be done at least weekly to maintain balance and wellness within us.




~ by msbee1 on September 12, 2009.

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