The Last Estrogen Pill

The last estrogen pill 
I open the bottle and out it falls
And rolls across the floor.
I stoop to get it but can’t retrieve it
As it rolls right out the door!
One by one down the stairs
Much to my surprise.
It rolls right out into the street.
I can’t believe my eyes!
A car rolls by and misses it.
My heart is all a flutter.
I walk down the steps and out the door
Exclaiming in a stutter:
“I nneed that ppill, It is my last,
Wwithout it I am thru!
Ssomeone please help me
I ddon’t know what to do”!
Along comes Mr. Gray I see
And I explain my strife.
He ambles out into the road
And almost loses his life.

As another car comes speeding by
I holler for him to watch it.
He picks up the tiny pill
And puts it in his pocket.

He turns to leave and waves good-bye
My pill in tow and all.
I shout for him to come right back
But he doesn’t hear my call.

I chase him down the block a bit
I’m mad as hell and screaming.
He explains to me that Mrs. Gray
Is out as well, and steaming.

I push him down and stomp his foot
And steal back my pill again.
I can not possibly live one day
Without my Estrogen.









~ by msbee1 on August 31, 2009.

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