Get Me Through The Snow


Get me thru the snow

Up at four and out the door,
A snowy new day,
I spread my wings so I can soar,
And quickly I’m on my way.

The streets are slick and I am scared,
I hope I get through this mess.
Crazy drivers are everywhere,
How’d they pass the driving test?!

Whizzing by one by one,
Like a sunny day in June.
Blasting music and having fun,
This could be their ruin!

Four wheel drives are magic rides,
They never need a tow.
They own the road and never slide,
Whoa, that’s the way to go!

Snow plow blades, and sand and salt,
My windshield is a mess.
I struggle to see, it’s not my fault,
“ I didn’t see the car”, I confess.

As tires slide and bumpers collide,
I realized one thing.
I should have stopped before the ride,
And said this simple thing…

“Prepare me God for everything,
This day holds much I know.
I offer thanks for all good things,
Get me safely through the snow”.



~ by msbee1 on August 31, 2009.

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