The Will To Survive

The Will To Survive

In an unfortunate incident this week, my small Lhasa Apso Lily, killed a squirrel that was feeding in the yard.  You can trust me when I say that it was an experience that completely overwhelmed me, shaking me to my core.

I have known for a while that Lily likes to chase the squirrels that come into the yard to feed, so I had devised a warning system to alert them before I let her out. It had been working well, or so I thought. Earlier this week, after giving the warning signal, I watched two squirrels scamper to the hole in the fence and make it out, so I let my little Lily out the door. Unfortunately, one of this year’s young ones didn’t run when I gave the warning and was still eating in the garden beneath one of the feeders.

When I discovered that Lily had nabbed a squirrel, I was mortified.  I grabbed the broom and ran out to free it from her clutches.  It was screaming and I was in a panic.  Lily shook it repeatedly and would not let go.  I finally swatted her hard with the broom and it stunned her enough to drop the squirrel, but it was already too late.  Even though it wasn’t bleeding, I could see it was gravely injured.  In it’s last desperate attempts at survival, with body limp from its injuries, it tried to pull itself through the hole in the fence that was the escape route.  Unfortunately it died before making it through.

I’ve been thinking about the incident ever since.  I’ve been haunted by the look on the little squirrels face as it realized it was not going to live.  Yet the will to survive was so strong that despite it’s injuries it made every effort to escape.  That got me to thinking about the depth of our will to live.

The instinct for survival is so strong that we will do damn near anything to insure it.  Even those with terminal illnesses will do everything in their power to strive for survival despite all odds.  The will to survive is stronger than just about any other human desire.

In spite of our pain and disappointments.   Through the many unfortunate situations that life slings our way. The extreme emotional and physical challenges that life delivers to us, gives way to our will to live, and carries us through.  Holding on to determination, we make every effort possible to make it to the next day with prayer in hand and our faith as our guiding light. 






~ by msbee1 on July 30, 2009.

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