I LOVE dark sweet cherries.

I just came from the store where I purchased them for $1.00 a pound. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cherries so inexpensive before. Their usual price of $3.98 is enough to cause me to painfully pass them by in the grocery store.

Cherries were part of my childhood. My father who was a commercial fisherman and an expert boatman would take mom, my sister, and I, for a boat ride across the lake where we’d pick up several slats of fresh cherries from a vendor in a small village. We were always excited to go. Part of the excitement was the sense of freedom I always felt with the wind whipping through my hair as we sped across the open water.

My sister and would sit side by side in the middle of the boat holding hands in joyous anticipation. With our bright orange life jackets on we waited for the roar of the boat motor as our father prepared for the journey. The wind and the cool refreshing spray of water in our faces combined with the fresh smell of the air, and the call of the seagulls is one of my favorite childhood memories.

After we picked up the cherries we’d have lunch in a small diner then head back across the lake. My sister and I would eat cherries the whole way back, tossing a few to the seagulls who always seemed to catch them in mid air.

Today, I sit here with a small bowl full of the darkest, plumpest cherries I have ever seen. So plump in fact that it’s almost as if the skin is ready to burst with deliciousness. They are some of the juiciest I can ever recall. The deep dark color indicates to me that they are at the peak of the growing season. Soon they will no longer be plentiful and I will have to wait with bated breath until the next season.



~ by msbee1 on July 21, 2009.

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