Delicious Discovery



Have you ever had one of those moments when it seemed like your eyes were opened for the first time to something that has always been there? I had such a moment this week and the discovery of it tickled me clear to my soul.

I have lived in the same house for almost three years. I have sat and walked in the same back yard day after day, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered a delicious alcove on one side of the house with a beautiful canopy of trees. There it was, snugged in-between the house and the fence. A cozy serene spot. “How in the world did I miss this all along?” I wondered to myself. Suddenly there it was, as plain as day. It was as if my eyes had been opened to it for the first time. “What luck!” I thought. “Now I will have a special place for reading, for writing, for meditating, and for contemplation. I will have a quiet place to commune with my God.”

I set about putting a comfortable chair and side table into place. I placed plants and rocks and little garden statuettes all around. I found a beautiful old incense holder I’d forgotten about and set it on the table. In one corner I placed a fountain so that I could enjoy the trickling sound of water as I relaxed. I even hung an old Chinese placard with the symbol for “love”, which was destined for the thrift store, on the fence between the two trees that were forming this glorious little place.

I sat and enjoyed this special little place for the first time recently. With a glass of iced tea, my two dogs and two cats, I lit some incense, and we all enjoyed the serenity of the moment. It seemed perfect. The tree shaded me, the birds were singing and the squirrels were playing. I placed my hand on the trunk of the nearby trees and looked up into the canopy overhead and I felt a peace that my soul hasn’t known in a very, very long time.

The alcove is like a magical place filled with the energy of the earth and the trees. I sit there for great long periods of time just doing nothing, enjoying the feeling that surrounds me as I sit under the trees. I watch the ladybugs make their way up and down the trunk of the trees. I hear the birds singing high in their branches. Today as I looked up, I saw a spider suspended from a branch, legs splayed wide, making it’s way down on a single, silvery thread of silken fiber. It looked like he was headed straight for me so I promptly got out of his way.

I sit in the alcove early in the morning and watch the day begin. The rising sun peeks thru the leave of the trees on the other side of the yard casting long shadows across the garden. The birds and squirrels wake from their nighttime slumber and stretch to wake and seek out the seed I have put out for them. The morning doves coo in their soft, soothing way.

The huge cottonwoods have gone to seed and tufts of “summer snow” fill the air and drift to the ground in the same lazy fashion as huge snowflakes. That’s how this little alcove was formed, from the seeds of the giant cottonwood at the edge of our property. Two seedlings planted themselves side by side several years ago and while I was busy with other aspects life, they grew and formed the beautiful alcove I have today.

Isn’t Mother Nature fantastic?



~ by msbee1 on July 18, 2009.

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